Receive payments overview

With Speed, bitcoin payments can be easily incorporated into new and existing apps. You can receive funds using both on-chain and lightning network payment methods. Overall, you can harness the power of both: lightning network and on-chain transactions with Speed.

Payment methods

It is best to use the lightning network payment method for microtransactions.

Do you want to accept on-chain payments in a simple and secure manner? We've got you covered.



By default, the BTC On-chain payment method in payment methods will be enabled, allowing on-chain payments to be accepted alongside lightning payments. Simply turn it off if you don't want to accept on-chain payments and turn it back on if you need to receive on-chain payments alongside lightning payments.

Speed platform products

Speed platform offers a variety of products for accepting payments using both these payment methods. Learn about Speed's integration options for securely accepting online payments.


A payment guides you through the process of collecting funds from your customer. Receive a payment payload from the Speed Payment API and embed it into the payment page developed by you.

Checkout session

With minimal integration (coding) effort, you can generate a URL using checkout session APIs that will take your customer to a one-time use, custom-branded Speed-hosted payment page. You can use this URL anywhere in your application or website to get paid.

Checkout link

Create a checkout link with a ready-to-use template and collect payments. You do not need a website or an app to start accepting online payments. This is the easiest way to accept one-time on-chain/lightning payments with a custom-branded Speed-hosted payment page.

Payment link

Utilize Speed's easy-to-use payment link, a reusable payment method that routes payments through multiple parties. Payment link allows you to accept multiple on-chain/lightning payments of the same amount.


Send your customers to pay on Speed’s conversion-optimized page instead of building your own. Use our Speed.js reference to integrate the checkout session functionalities into your app.


Speed builds and maintains plugins that provide access to Speed products and APIs. Get started quickly with Speed Plugins.

You can accept payments by integrating Speed js into your website/application or by using Speed platform products such as checkout link, payment link, and payment APIs.

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