Accepting affiliate invite

When you receive an invite, either by email or a link under the Speed Affiliate Partner Program, you need to follow a few steps to connect your account and become an affiliated partner enabled account.

If you are an existing Speed Web Application user, once you hit the invitation link and follow some basic log-in procedures, you are directed to the “Connect Account” page shown below. On this page, you can choose which account you want to connect under the affiliate partnership program. Alternatively, you can create a new account by clicking on “Add New Account” and then connecting it.

Once an account is selected, you are directed to the confirmation page. Here, you will see who invited you to this partnership and many other details.

All you need to do now is click the “connect” button to confirm your partnership and make this account an affiliate partner enabled account. You will be able to see this association under Settings > Profile settings > Associated accounts, as seen in the image below.

On every payment you receive there is some minimum affiliate partner transaction fee that is cut out of your balance. This fee is set by the affiliate partner who sent you the invite. You can see the affiliate partner fee out of your balance in the transaction table as seen in the image below.

Additionally, if you want to see affiliate fee cut on a particular transaction, you can also see that on the payment detail page under the latest transfer section as shown below.

Partnership expiry

After 1 year of your association, the affiliate partnership automatically expires. You will receive an email on the day the partnership expires and also 5 days before that.

Benefits you get

  • By joining Speed through our affiliate partner, you gain access to exclusive discounted rates on fees. This means you can enjoy our cutting-edge payment solutions at a more cost-effective price.
  • Additionally, when you join Speed through our affiliate partner, we will provide hands-on assistance in the implementation process. Our affiliate partner offers dedicated on-site or online support to ensure a seamless experience for you.
  • With this affiliation, you become part of a collaborative partnership network. This opens up opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking, and potential collaborations with other businesses associated with our affiliate partner.