Affiliate partners

The affiliate partner program involves businesses or individuals promoting products or services offered by another company, like "Speed," through different channels like websites, social media, and email marketing. By joining the Speed application, any user can become an affiliate partner and invite customers (a.k.a. affiliate partner-enabled customers) under their affiliate accounts.

These affiliate partner invited prospective customers can sign up for the Speed platform and accept the affiliate partner’s invitation.

When they link their account to their affiliate partner's account, for each payment received, the respective affiliate partner earns a commission based on the predefined commission percentage assigned to them. It means this commission serves as affiliate partner’s fee for bringing them to the Speed platform.

How does an affiliate partner program work?

To become an Affiliate Partner, your primary task is to onboard a merchant into the program. The process involves inviting a prospective merchant to link one of their Speed account with yours. You can find the list of invited merchants in the "Invited" tab of the Speed dashboard > partners > Affiliate Partners page.

Once the invited merchant (an account owner) accepts the invitation, his/her account gets associated with the respective affiliate partner account.

Affiliate partners can now set up the commission they want for every payment received by that Affiliate Partner-enabled account (i.e. invited and accepted account).

This Affiliate partner-enabled account can have two types of statuses.

Once the invite is accepted, the status is active for one year.

After one year of the affiliated partnership, the association automatically expires. No one can manually expire an association. It means, an affiliate partnership has 1-year validity by default.

As an affiliate partner, you can see the associated Affiliate Partner enabled accounts, their owners and other details in the Merchant tab of the Speed dashboard > Partners > Affiliate Partners page.

Now, sit back and relax because you will earn commission on all the payments received in the Affiliate partner-enabled account. You can see the earned commission on the merchant details page ( Speed dashboard > Partners > Affiliate Partners page > Select a particular account).

You can also see this commission transferred into your account as an affiliate fee in on the transactions page.

Benefits you get

  • Easy steps to get into this program.

You don't need any technical knowledge; you just need to invite and onboard a merchant to the Speed platform to start your affiliate partner journey.

  • Additional revenue stream

Add significant recurring revenue to your business. Earn commission for all the payments received by merchants you’ve onboarded.