Build a team

Invite your team members and start working as a team. You can invite multiple members of your team to access your Speed account. You must assign each team member a role before you send an invite. See this to know what each role can and can’t do before assigning roles to team members.

You can invite team members individually or invite multiple users simultaneously by separating their email addresses with a comma or space. Invites to your Speed account expire after 365 days, if not accepted.

To understand how to build a team, let us take a tour of all the actions you can perform.

Invite a member

Log into the Speed web application with appropriate credentials and follow these steps:

  • Open Settings > Business settings > Users and accounts.
  • Click the Add Member button.
  • Enter the member's email address and the role you want to assign to them in the popup that appeared. You can invite individual team members or multiple users at once by separating their email addresses with a comma or space.
  • Click Continue to send the invite via email.

Mainly, there are 2 types of roles you can assign.

This role is for anyone who needs similar access as the account owner—they can see and manage almost everything.

This role is for developers who need to set up a Speed integration. This role has access to the secret key, which grants access to almost all API resources.


We plan to add more roles in future base on user requests. If you need any other role, please contact support.

Resend or remove an invite

You can resend/remove an invite if the invite is not yet accepted.
Follow these steps to resend/remove it:

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can be configured at 2 levels:

  1. Team wise

  You may choose whether or not each team member on your account needs 2FA to log in. If enabled, all team members must configure 2FA and login using it.

  Please keep in mind that while signing up and joining your team, 2FA is not necessary; nevertheless, the system will prompt your team member to enable 2FA on their next login.

  1. Individual wise

  Users can also configure and enable 2FA on their own by going to Profile Settings.

    1. If 2FA is already enabled at the individual level and is now enabled at the team level, the user is not required to take any more action.

    2. If 2FA is now enabled at the team level but is not enabled at the individual level, the user will need to setup 2FA the next time they log in.

    3. If a user requests to deactivate 2FA at the individual level but 2FA is already active at the team level, the request will be denied, and the user will still need to utilise 2FA to log in.