Create One QR

You have the option to generate a one QR code using either the web app or the one QR APIs. The QR code can be created to receive payments either via the lightning network or the on-chain/bitcoin network. Simply indicate the desired payment method in the request parameters. To easily manage multiple QR codes under the same business account, assign a unique and identifiable name to each One-QR code.

Create via the Web application

To create one QR from web application you need to provide preferrable payment method, name, and description(optional). Set up a success message for your customers which will be displayed once they make the payment. The one QR object essentially consists of a payment payload that can be converted into a QR code. Print your One-QR or display it on any device to start accepting bitcoin payments.

Create via API

You can create a one QR through the one QR API. This API will return an object with a payment payload and many other associated details, using which you can receive funds from your customer.

Let's learn how to use the one QR API.

Use the /oneqr endpoint and basic details such as name , description, statement_description , oneqr_method , currency , and others to create a one QR object. In this example below, we'll show you how you can create a one QR for your customers.

Make a POST request specifying the following parameters.

Request parameters

Provide the basic information outlined in the table below:

NamestringIn this parameter, you must specify name for QR code to easily manage multiple QRs under the same business account.
MethodStringSpeed supports both onchain and lnurl methods. Use this parameter to mention which payment method you want; lnurl or onchain.
DescriptiondoubleIn this parameter, you can specify the shot description for One QR. It is for your internal use purpose.
Statement descriptordoubleYou can use this parameter to provide a brief description of the payment's purpose. Please note that this option is only available through the API.
currencyStringIn this parameter, you can specify your preferred expected currency (fiat or cryptocurrency) in which you want to save the payment details of a one QR. A three-lettered ISO-compliant currency name must be used. Please note that this option is only available through the API.
  "name": "TDF Donation",
    "description": "Fund for charity",
    "statement_descriptor": "Fund for TDF charity",
    "oneqr_method": "lnurl",
    "currency": "USD",
    "wallets_of_country": "US"

Response Attributes

"id": "oqr_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "object": "oneqr",
  "status": "active",
  "oneqr_method": "lnurl",
  "currency": "USD",
  "payment_request": "lnurlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "name": "TDF Donation",
  "description": "Fund for charity",
  "statement_descriptor": "Fund for TDF charity",
  "success_message": "Thanks for your payment",
  "success_url": null,
  "wallets_of_country": "US",
  "created": 1676277740874,
  "modified": 1676277740874

Your response contains the following attributes:

id string
Unique identifier for the object.

object string
The type of the object indicates to which entity this response belongs.

status string
One QR can have 2 statuses, as mentioned below:


  • active
  • One QR is active after its generation until it is deactivated.
  • deactivated
  • You can manually deactivate a one QR if you no longer wish to get paid via it.

oneqr_method string
Both onchain and lnurl methods can be used to receive funds. This indicates which method (lnurl or onchain) will be used to receive funds through QR.

currency string
The base currency in which you prefer to work.

payment_request string
The payload for generating a QR code is returned. It specifies the BTC wallet address to which the payment is processed for the onchain method and lnurl in the case of the lnurl method.

name string
This parameter specifies the name of this QR code for you to easily manage multiple QRs under the same business account.

description string
Additional information about this QR.

statement_descriptor string
Additional information about a payment made to an account using this QR.

success_message string
Message customers will see when they make payment via their preferred wallet.

success_url string
Customers will see this clickable link in their wallet if the transaction goes through successfully.

wallets_of_country string
This specifies the country where the QR code will be used. Based on the country, the QR code image suggests wallets customers can use to make payments. Note they can use any other supported wallets too.

created timestamp
Time at which the One QR object was created.

modified timestamp
Time at which the last modification was made.