When Speed sends notifications to your customers, it sends them from the tryspeed.com domain by default. We offer a fantastic feature that allows you to create your own custom domain. Your customers will receive emails from a brand domain email address. Let's look at how to add a custom email domain.

Add a new custom email domain

Complete the following steps to begin sending emails from your own domain:

  1. Go to Settings > Business Settings > Emails and enter the domain from which you want to send customer emails. Except for the default "tryspeed.com" domain, you can add a maximum of three custom email domains.
  2. Click Add Domain after entering a valid domain name.
  3. DNS records will be displayed in a pop-up window. Copy them into your DNS server.
  4. Click Check Records button to compare the DNS records entered in the DNS server with those generated here and verify your domain.

These DNS records are required to ensure both your domain ownership and reliable email delivery.

Domain Statuses

The status will be as follows for a domain:

When the domain is verified.

pending verification
Once a domain is added, its status remains "pending verification" until it is verified.

If all of the records here match those on the DNS server, the domain's status changes to verified. You will be notified via email when it is verified. In your email settings, you'll also notice a verified badge in the status column.

Instructions for popular providers

DNS record changes can take up to 72 hours to be confirmed. The process for adding DNS records to your domain's DNS server differs depending on your service provider. Refer the below-mentioned documentation from some popular providers for specific instructions.

Troubleshoot DNS issues

If your domain hasn’t been verified after 72 hours, try the following:

  • Correct any typos.
  • Make sure you don’t have any records that share the same name as the provided CNAME records.
  • Make sure the added record names don’t include your domain twice. Some providers automatically append DNS record names with the domain name. For example, to create a record with the name bounce.example.com, enter only bounce in the name field.
  • Check that the DNS records are published. You can verify this by using a DNS lookup tool, which displays the published records for your domain.

If you’ve tried all of our troubleshooting recommendations and are still having trouble verifying your domain, contact your DNS provider.

Send test email

You can send a test email from any domain with "Verified" status by selecting it from the overflow menu.

Change the email domain

You can configure any domain with "Verified" status as the custom sending email domain by clicking "Set as Sending Domain" in the overflow menu.

Remove Custom Email Domain

  • You can delete a domain when you no longer use it. Any custom domain, regardless of whether it is pending or verified, can be removed if it is not set as a sending domain.


You cannot remove the default domain.

Set reply email preference

Whenever a customer replies to your emails, their responses are sent to the support email address specified under the Settings > Business settings > Emails > Preferences tab.

  • By default, the email is the one set under Profile settings > Profile.
  • You can update the support email by clicking the update email address button under the preferences tab.