Managing affiliate settings

Let's look at all the available features for an Affiliate partner to manage an affiliate partnership. The feature listed below demonstrates how various actions are available on the Speed web application that can be used to manage an affiliate partnership.

Invite an affiliate partner

Invite as many merchants as you want under the Speed Affiliate Partner Program to earn additional revenue. Let us see in detail how you can invite a merchant to be your affiliated partner.

There are 2 ways you can invite a merchant to be your associate partner.

Email Invite:
Affiliate partners can invite any merchant on their email id. You can invite max 5 members at a time.

Link Invite:
Affiliate partners can share a system generated “invite link” associated to their account, with their prospective merchants to join. This link will never expire.

As an affiliate partner account owner, just sign in to your Speed account and follow the steps below to send an invitation.

  1. On the left sidebar, click Partners > Affiliate partners
  2. Click Invite merchant.
  3. After clicking the invite merchant button, you will see a popup. Fill out the email address in the given box, or copy and share the invite link.

Before your prospective merchant accepts your invitation,

There are 2 actions you can perform.

Resend invitation:

Use the resend button in the overflow menu to resend the invitation email.

Remove the invitation:

Use the remove button in the overflow menu to remove the invitation email. You can remove an invitation if the status is still pending.

Update Commission

Once connected to an affiliate partner enabled account, i.e., your invitation is accepted, you can set your commission. By default, the commission rate is defined as 0.5% upon joining. However, you can update this commission for an active affiliate partner-enabled account through the respective merchant’s detail page ( Speed dashboard > Partners > Affiliate Partners page > select a particular account), as seen below.

On this merchant detail page, you will see “Change commission”. Click on this button and update your commission rates.

You will also see the total commission earned by this particular merchant and the latest commission transfers from this affiliate partner enabled account on this merchant detail page.

Types of commissions

You can set two types of commissions under the Speed Affiliate Partnership Program from the web application, as seen in the above image. Let us see them in detail.

Percentage Commission

The commission amount is not predefined, but you can specify a percentage. Once the payment is received by your merchant, a percentage of the their customer's payment, as determined by the percentage you specified, is transferred into your account from the merchant’s balance. The default percentage commission is set at 0.5.

Fixed amount Commission

The commission amount is predefined (in SATS) and fixed by you. So, if your merchant receives any payment, this fixed amount will be deducted from their balance and transferred into your account.

You can see this commission transferred into your account as an affiliate fee in on the  transactions page.

Partnership expiry

After 1 year of your association, the affiliate partnership automatically expires. You will receive an email on the day the partnership expires and also 5 days before that.

How to reactivate

Once expired, you can associate the same account again under the affiliate partner program using the same invite process.