Manage wallets

To add a payout wallet, navigate to Settings → "Business settings" section from your dashboard, and select "Payout wallets” where you can see the payouts wallets you have been already added and its details. You can see active and deactivate wallets in list page.

You can use these already added wallets while creating a payout request to receive payouts.

You can perform some activities,

Follow the following steps to deactivate a wallet.

  1. Navigate to Speed dashboard > Settings > Business settings > Payout wallet
  2. Here, you will find the details of all the wallets. Select the wallet you want to deactivate. Click the overflow menu and select the deactivate button.
  • Once a wallet has been successfully deactivated,
    • For new payout request is won’t be created from deactivated wallet address but there would be no impact on pending payout where this wallet is selected.