Payment links

Payment links are the most convenient way to collect multiple payments from customers for any goods or services without directing them to an app or website. Payment links are one-of-a-kind URLs that take your customer to a hosted payment page. Share this link on social media, in emails, and through any other channel.

To be paid in cryptocurrency supported by the Speed platform API (currently SATS), you create a payment link in your preferred base currency. Your customers can pay on-chain or on the lightning network by scanning the respective QR codes on a simple payment page that opens in a web browser after clicking the link. Make sure the BTC On-chain payment method is turned on from payment methods to receive on-chain along with lightning payments. Customers do not need a Speed account to make on-chain/lightning payments to you via payment links.

When a customer opens a payment link, it will open a new checkout session rendering a payment page with information such as payment QR codes and branding details. Each checkout session has its associated payment, which can be used to track payments through these payment links.

Payment link statuses

When you create a payment link, it has an active status that will remain until it is deactivated. When the complete amount is received, the status of the payment associated with that checkout session is changed to paid. As a result, the payment link can have two statuses, as shown below.

active: The payment link is active after its generation until it is deactivated.
deactivated: You can manually deactivate a payment link when you don't intend to get paid via it.

The following state diagram depicts the various payment link statuses:

Use-cases it solves

You can optionally do a lot more with Payment Links. The majority of the tasks completed by the checkout link can also be completed by the payment link. Some other additional tasks, listed below, can also be accomplished by a payment link.

  • Donation/Crowdfunding/Paywall:
    Share it on email, social media, or website and tap into a global community of donors/funders without the high cost of traditional transfers. This will reduce the effort because you only need to create one payment link.

  • Tickets/Entry fees/Booking fees:
    A single payment link can be used to collect any kind of fee for an event, show, booking, or service. This will result in seamless fee collection from multiple customers.

Create payment links from the web application or use our APIs to begin accepting on-chain/lightning payments. See this for more information on creating payment links programmatically.