Test mode

Test your integration by using the test mode feature of Speed.

To ensure that your integration is working correctly, simulate transactions in test mode without moving any real money. Payments made in test mode do not result in an actual transaction or transfer of funds and do not affect your live environment. After thoroughly verifying your integration in test mode, you can switch to live mode and start accepting actual payments.

Test mode allows you to simulate the following scenarios:

  • Make successful payments by a lightning network or on-chain wallet.
  • Make multiple payments through a payment link.
  • Test multiple partial on-chain payments.
  • Test authentication using different API keys.

You can test above scenarios by utilizing Speed web application resources in the test mode. Alternatively, you can achieve this by calling the resource API with the test mode API key. You should thoroughly test your integration before you expose it to customers or use it for any live mode activity. Test the scenarios listed on this page, as well as any others you like, to determine whether your integration is ready for production.