Test payments

You can test payments by utilizing Speed web application payment resources in test mode. Alternatively, you can achieve this by calling these payment resource APIs with the test mode API key.

Let’s assume a scenario where you want to check your integration of one of our resources; the checkout link. All you have to do is create a checkout link in Speed test mode. Now, make a lightning testnet payment or a partial on-chain testnet payment.

Once done, you can retrieve the same checkout link and check its status. You will notice that your actions have affected the test mode data on your Speed account. This implies that your checkout link resource integration is successful.

There are lots of Lightning/Bitcoin wallets available for this. Picking the right one is a matter of personal preference, but the following references might help.

The main advantage of Phoenix is that it is a full-fledged LN wallet, but all the hard work is done by the ACINQ nodes to which your wallet is connected. While this lightning wallet doesn't allow users to hold BTC on the main chain, it has a swap-in and swap-out feature that offers the ability to move coins between the LN and the Bitcoin blockchain.

HTLC.me is a lightning network custodial wallet developed by Alex Bosworth. It's a frontend to one big wallet that appears as individual wallets through the web interface. You are using their hot wallet, so there is no need for additional connection steps, just register and send the payment.